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A graduate of Chugiak High School, Lugnut recently moved back to Alaska, after having been away for many years. His court-appointed absence allowed him time to read a lot of books, mostly romance novels, and to spend a lot of time at the gym. Which is where he became so super-buff.

Despite his striking good looks, which aren’t best showcased behind a mic, he wondered aloud “Why not radio?”  All he needed was a pair of headphones and a work release form from his ‘transitional living’ facility. So after receiving a letter from his psychiatrist, despite his tendencies to run with scissors, Lugnut was deemed fit to work in broadcasting.

He has a small Chihuahua farm in Eagle River, is a life-long Pittsburgh Steelers fan and though he loves his job in radio, hopes to one day give it all up to focus solely on being a handsome millionaire.

Listen Monday – Friday 2P-6P

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