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Legendary Minnesota Vikings kicker Fred Cox died Wednesday at the age of 80, which the team acknowledged in a Thursday statement regarding his passing. Cox was also a co-creater of the Nerf football.

Former President Jimmy Carter, 95, was admitted to Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital Monday ahead of a procedure to relieve pressure on his brain due to a recent fall.

Legendary Canadian hockey figure Don Cherry was fired from his TV spot after making disparaging remarks about immigrants Saturday night.

Leaders from Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic attended a 30th anniversary event commemorating the tearing down of the Berlin Wall Saturday.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is reportedly worth $109.9 billion, while Microsoft’s Bill Gates checks in at $105.8 to be the No. 1 and No. 2 wealthiest people in the world according to Forbes.

Two men were arrested following a physical altercation on a street near the Chatham County courthouse in Pittsboro, located about 30 minutes outside the state capital of Raleigh, where a protest over a Confederate statue took place Saturday.

Former North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan, 66, died at her Greensboro home Monday following a prolonged illness. She was recalled as a political force by both former President Barack Obama and his VP Joe Biden, who is currently running for president.

Former California governor and movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger, along with NBA star LeBron James and many other actors and actresses are among those who have had to evacuate their homes in California due to raging wildfires.

LeBron James was among many living in Southern California forced to flee a home this week due to the Getty Fire, but the Los Angeles Lakers star still took the time to dispatch a taco truck to feed first responders Tuesday.

Rob Drake, the MLB umpire who tweeted his desire for a civil war if Donald Trump was impeached, apologized for his remarks Thursday and said he would learn from the matter.

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