City of Chicago Files Civil Suit Against Jussie Smollett To Recoup Investigation Expenses

Written by on April 12, 2019

Fourth Estate Staff

Chicago, IL, United States (4E) – The City of Chicago has formally filed a civil complaint against actor Jussie Smollett after the latter failed to reimburse the expenses incurred for the investigation of his controversial assault case.

Chicago’s law department said on Thursday that it has instituted a civil action against the ‘Empire’ actor in the Circuit Court of Cook County and that it plans to purse “the full measure of damages allowed under the false statements ordinance.”

The complaint is based on the flaw police report Smollett filed on January 29, 2019 that he was attacked by two masked men, which was later determined by authorities as staged by the actor himself.

In the complaint, the city claims that Smollett also misled the investigators when he said that his attackers were white, CNN reported. It was further noted that the over two dozen police offers and detectives were deployed to work on Smollett’s case for weeks, which resulted in 1,836 hours of overtime.

In March the city laid out the cost of the investigation into the alleged hate crime Smollett reported and demanded that the latter pay $130,000 to recoup the expenses. The city gave him seven days to repay the cost, but he was unable to pay the said amount and did not make any statement with regard to it, CBS reported.

Although the case filed by the City of Chicago did not include a specific monetary value, it is likely that the city is seek damages of the same amount or higher.

Smollett’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, did not make a comment on the filing, although he previously said that the bill was an attempt to “harass and irreparably injure” the actor.

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