Nicki Minaj Denies Copyright Infringement Claims By Tracy Chapman

Written by on February 28, 2019

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Rapper Nicki Minaj filed formal response to the suit filed against her by singer Tracy Chapman in California federal court on February 22nd. Chapman sues Minaj in 2018 for copyright infringement for allergy not using her permission to sample her 1988 song ‘Baby Can I Hold You’ in Minaj’s collaboration with Nas in ‘Sorry’.

In Chapman’s complaint, the singer reportedly alleges that her representatives “repeatedly denied Maraj’s (Minaj’s real surname) after-the-fact requests to use the Composition.”

“Beginning in June 2018, Maraj and her representatives and/or agents made multiple requests to license the Composition for use in Maraj’s recording (featuring Nas), ‘Sorry’ (the “Infringing Work”), which, on information and belief, Maraj had already made without the requested license for inclusion on her recently released album, Queen,” the Complaint further adds.

In mid-July last year Chapman’s camp repeatedly denied Minaj’s request to sample the song— contrary to what the rapper has said in the now deleted Tweets.

She tweeted that she was not aware that the song had sampled Chapman and that she was torn.

In her response to the lawsuit, Minaj’s defense used the Fair Use Doctrine— in that Chapman actually had not properly registered her claim to the copyright of ‘Baby Can I Hold You’ and therefore lacks legal standing is not entitled to damages.

Chapman’s lawyer has previously said that she was very protective of her rights and had the authority to deny requests of sampling her song which Minaj acknowledges that her team had done.

‘Sorry’ was not officially released as it was pulled out from the ‘Queen’ album Minaj released last year.

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