PETA Blasts Big Boi For Super Bowl Fur Coat

Written by on February 5, 2019

Maria Agcopra – Fourth Estate Contributor

Atlanta, GE, United States (4E) – The Super Bowl LIII is a gift that keeps on giving what with the heavily criticized Halftime Show gaining traction yet again the day after it with guest performer Big Boi’s outfit— his fur outfit that is.

Rapper Big Boi has come under blast from the People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals or simply, PETA— an American animal rights group (and also claims to be the biggest around the world) which focuses on animal treatment around the globe.

After the Atlanta born rapper strutted his stuff in his brown puffy, believed to be of fox fur while performing his band, OutKast’s hit ‘The Way You Move’, PETA fired shots on the rapper through Twitter saying, “The way you move is horrifying when animals have to DIE for your outfit,” whilst also tagging the rapper.

TMZ obtained a letter by PETA sent to Big Boi which scolds the rapper like an “angry parent”.

In the letter, PETA wrote that the rapper had a lot of fans within the organization and that they were excited to see him perform after he was announced as Maroon 5’s musical guest. It further suggested that it can help Big Boi donate his fur coats to homeless shelters in America and Syrian refugees “who desperately need the extra warmth.”

PETA has been vocal and famous for their stance against celebrities wearing fur. Some of the famous stars they have called out are Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Lady Gaga and Kanye West.

PETA decided that it would gladly gift Big Boi a faux fur coat he can flaunt instead of a real one.

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