‘The Bachelor’ Contestant Caelyn Miller-Keyes Reveals She Was Drugged And Raped In College

Written by on January 29, 2019

Maria Therese Agcopra Agcopra – Fourth Estate Contributor

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – “The Bachelor” contestant Caelyn Miller-Keyes dropped a huge revelation in a recent episode of the show, revealing that she was drugged and raped when she was still in college.

During a romantic night out with bachelor Colton Underwood in Singapore, Miller-Keyes revealed a very painful and personal story from her past.

“My life was flipped upside down,” Miller-Keyes told PEOPLE four years after she was raped in college. “Even though I’ve moved on, it is something I will struggle with forever.”

On Monday night’s episode, she opened up to Underwood about being assaulted during her sophomore year in college. The Miss USA runner-up revealed that she was at a party with a group of male acquaintances when they drugged up her wine glass, as well as the drinks for her two friends.

Miller-Keyes narrated that she woke up the next morning “completely naked” in her bed, and that’s when she knew that something bad had happened to her.

A friend of hers alleged that one of the men had sex with her while she was lying unconscious in bed. She also found out that while she was passed out on the couch, one of the guys lifted up her dress and took photos of her and posted it on Snapchat.

Miller-Keyes also spoke about the difficulties she went through after the incident, particular with getting a rape kit at the hospital and speaking to authorities. “It takes time, and it takes a lot of no’s, and hopefully eventually you can get justice,” she said about the incident. One of her assaulters was expelled from school.

During her reign as Miss North Carolina and later a Miss USA 2018 contestant, Miller-Keyes campaigned for better Title IX policies to help sexual assault survivors in campuses, Entertainment Weekly reported. She said that her focus is on the survivors and helping them get their voices out and be heard.

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